Ways to Consume Magic Mushrooms


The magic mushroom is not only known for its flavour, but also for the healthy supplements it adds to diet. Like most veggies, magic mushroom has nutritive values and contains vitamin B, Vitamin K, vitamin D, and vitamin A.   Due to the uniqueness of the magic mushroom, it can be consumed in so many ways. Some of the ways in which magic mushroom can be consumed are

  • Making of Sandwich

The magic mushroom can be used in the making of sandwich, and this can serve as a good substitute for meat. It is a healthy alternative to meat.

  • Mushroom Chips

Magic mushrooms can be turned into chips and consumed as snacks. It is very delicious when dipped into a warm pesto sauce.

  • Roasting the mushroom

Magic mushroom can be consumed when it is roasted.

  • Adding it to your smoothie

Fruits and vegetables are good for the making of smoothies, but the addition of magic mushrooms makes it even better as it helps to bolster the immune system.

  • It can also be taken in the form of tea

To create a magic mushroom coffee, crush the amount of shrooms you would want to use and pour them into boiled water. After that, heat the pan slowly and make sure it remains at the simmering level; otherwise, the active compound might be destroyed. After completing the process, allow it to cool for ten to fifteen minutes before taking it.

  • Magic Mushrooms can be added to food

The adding of mushrooms in the food we take will help unlock a whole new world of experience. It will help in practicing your culinary skills, and it will help to improve the taste and the feeling of queasiness that most people suffer from. One of the advantages of magic mushrooms is that it can be added to any kind of food, and it is very nutritious with little calories, no fat, and no cholesterol.

  • It can be consumed with Lemon Tek

The magic mushrooms can be consumed with Lemon Tek, which breaks down the psilocybin in the mushroom due to the acidic nature of the Lemon Tek. Due to the intensified trip that the combination of Lemon Tek and magic mushroom can cause, it is advisable that to take half of the shrooms you would normally take.

  • It can be grilled and broiled

This can be done by brushing the caps and stems of the magic mushroom lightly with oil and then seasoning it as desired.

  • It can be taken with Coffee

There are many ways to make a mushroom coffee. Some of the methods are brewing and blending methods. The blending method is preferable because the brewing method reduces the psychedelic content in a psychedelic mushroom. It is advisable that if one is susceptible to the effect of caffeine, he should try other options like the decaf coffee blend. 

The importance of magic mushroom to the human body is underrated because most persons are not enlightened enough on the subject. With a little bit of effort, persons will come to understand the potentials of a magic mushroom.

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