Psilocybin Wednesday, May 13



Magic mushrooms are found all over the planet, and virtually every society has an ancient, sacrosanct connection to these vital medications.
Psilocybin, the active component present in magic mushrooms, is a potent psychedelic. While it is around 100 times less powerful than LSD, it is effective in changing the awareness of space and time, inducing sensory illusions, excitement, and spiritual perceptions.
Widely recognized by ancient civilizations and contemporary science as being capable of efficiently producing mystical experience, these mushrooms have been utilized for therapy, vision adventures, and divination by cultures around the world, and our scientific knowledge of their implications is increasing tremendously every year.
And one may be vindicated for speaking about magic mushrooms as nothing more than a relic of the excesses of the psychedelic 1960s. But don’t make an error: Psilocybin has a variety of potential medicinal and spiritual benefits.



Depression is one of the most studied considerations for psilocybin treatment. As Healthline stated last year, Psilocybin therapy was marked “breakthrough therapy” by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the management of depression. The Usona Institute, a psychedelic testing center, is presently in the preparation stages of its phase III experiment, which could begin this year.



In a brief study conducted by Johns Hopkins UniversityTrusted Source, scientists observed that psilocybin treatment substantially enhanced smoking cessation during a 12-month follow-up span. This research at Johns Hopkins University was conducted by Dr. Matthew Johnson, Associate professor of psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. Psilocybin also can cure certain drug abuse problems, such as alcohol and cocaine dependency, according to him.



Psychedelics overall and psilocybin, in particular, can create experiences where our cognitive perception of the universe is liberated from its connection with our ego, which could be discovered to be an illusory control mechanism. In a 2017 report, impermanent ego deficiency may be helpful in the proper sense. Such vast, often life-changing perceptions make us feel deeply connected and vibrant. They’re still improving innovation.



A report by the University of South Florida released in 2013 investigated the impact of psilocybin mushrooms on fear-conditioned mice. They were shocked by what they found. The key component of psilocybin mushrooms, psilocybin, allowed mice to overcome their fears and stimulated the development and formation of new neurons of their brains.
ENHANCES SPIRITUAL AWARENESS. Prominent research was conducted at Johns Hopkins University, which left scientists astonished. Out of 36 survey participants, one third claimed that their encounter was the most valuable (spiritual) event of their lives, although more than two-thirds said that it was certainly their best five life moments.
This is what Dr. Roland Griffiths of Johns Hopkins University had to convey regarding the therapeutic potential of psilocybin mushrooms: “Psilocybin is a great resource to open the secrets of human consciousness. The center of this transcendent experience is a deep sense of inter-connectedness with all life, increasing awareness of self-confidence, transparency and collective obligation, selflessness, and moral justice. Knowing the existence and implications of such influences might well be the answer to the continued existence of the human race.”

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