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Tea, only after water, is the most consumed drink in the world. All cultures are characterized by their unique tea customs.  The Japanese, for example, hold tea in very high esteem and established the Japanese Tea Ceremony, or Chanoyu, as a sacred festivity of the beverage. Many people in the united states consume iced tea, and the South is famous for unending sweet tea consumption. Tea time is a very important aspect of British culture, with many books and movies having recognized this activity as a clear British tradition. While this is mostly a social beverage, for centuries, scientists have identified tea as a therapeutic liquid solution. Current studies demonstrate that tea has several advantages to wellbeing. In addition to a delightful feeling of calmness, consuming tea can also help reduce the likelihood of cancer or heart diseases. In our world today, there are many different forms of tea, with each having a beneficial effect — one of them is magic mushroom tea.


You could be questioning yourself why you should consume magic mushroom tea when eating them appears neither unpleasant (in several instances) nor inconceivable. Magic mushrooms are for certain, a delightful snack, but they’re not gourmet food that everybody will fancy. Learning how to prepare magic mushroom tea isn’t challenging anyway, and consuming the drink will enable you to have a significantly different perspective. Several individuals like to consume magic mushroom tea because it’s delectable and tends to make the come-up more exciting. You can simply add honey, ginger, or lemon juice to the tea, which will make the sweetness a lot more enjoyable and partially modifies the effects induced by mushrooms.  Be rather cautious when you make tea with shrooms you picked from the bush. They may not even be psilocybin mushrooms, and you may cause harm to yourself if you eventually consume the wrong type. It would be ideal for cultivating your magic mushrooms, just to be certain you’re consuming the right stuff.


It ‘s common to consume magic mushrooms directly from a Ziploc bag or on top of a sandwich. Nevertheless, offering this psychedelic awesomeness as a portion of magic shroom tea helps in giving it a bit of elegance and allows you to go on a mind-altering adventure quicker than anticipated. Magic mushrooms consumed as tea take a shorter period to get you started, but their effects are also shorter. You can notice its impacts in as early as 15 minutes but will only last for about 3-5 hours. An individual who consumes magic mushrooms will hang on up to 2 hours before a psychedelic journey takes place. No one likes that phase of indecisiveness. You don’t have to thoroughly investigate the web for advice in preparing magic mushroom tea, regardless of whether you have a dry or fresh magic mushroom.


You’ll need the following to prepare a magic mushroom tea.

0.5-5 grams of dried or fresh psilocybin mushrooms

Two cups of water


A Pan or Microwave



The materials you need to make a magic mushroom tea are a cooker, a pot, a strainer, a teabag of any flavour, and a few dried magic mushrooms. The number of shrooms you’ll require would depend heavily on your choice. Every gram of dried mushroom is a good principle to prepare a cup of tea. It’s also worth bearing in mind that boiling mushrooms degrades the chemical compounds. Not exposing them to too much heat is essential. Crush the dried mushrooms until they attain a powdery uniformity. Set the powdery mushroom aside. Pour some water into a pot. Put the pot on top of a low fire and wait for it to boil.  Take away the pot from the fire.

Add the crushed mushrooms and let it soak for 5-10 minutes. Strain the mixture and pour the liquid magic mushroom into a teacup. By this time, the magic mushroom tea is ready to be consumed. However, you can add a teabag to improve its flavour. Mix the tea delicately.  Your magic mushroom tea has been prepared already! tea is now ready! If you choose to, you can add sugar to improve the taste.


The same materials used in preparing dried shroom tea is required. However, for every cup of tea, you can use 15 grams of fresh magic mushrooms. I n a pan, heat water until it simmers.   Remove the boiling hot water from heat. Add the fresh magic mushroom and a tea bag of your preference for 10-15 minutes and mix from periodically. Pour the liquid into a cup of tea. Add honey and sugar to improve the taste.


Often after a pleasant, psychedelic journey, discomfort arrives. Ginseng will counteract this unpleasant experience when taken with your magic mushroom tea. Because of their greater nutrient content, ginseng roots are safer. Cut ginger roots as small as feasible while making your magic mushroom tea. Along with the fresh or dry mushroom, apply them to the liquid.


This is appropriate for those hot, sunny afternoons by the seaside. After making your tea, enable it to be steep. Pour the mixture into a container and put it inside the refrigerator. You can go one forward by applying a spoonful or two of fresh lemon juice. Now you ‘re prepared to embark on psychedelic trips by the seaside. There are several methods of making magic mushroom tea. It’s a question of getting which technique works for you and adding your special touch. Don’t hesitate to revel on that psychedelic high!


It can take up to 15-45 minutes for the outcomes to start popping up. You can feel the outcomes quicker than if you eat shrooms, and the result is a little more powerful. You should begin to drink after the tea has cooled down a little. You could do it very quickly, in which case the results become quicker, and the beginning is greater.  You can also slowly consume it over an hour if you want to enjoy a mild psychedelic experience. 


Mushroom tea can be prepared without the inclusion of teabags and sweetener, or included in other food recipes, especially for the aim of hiding the mushrooms’ flavor. For instance, a soup may contain the liquid, or it may be applied to a dessert made from gelatine.

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